Incest(adam levine)chapter 32Mature

Recap:Super Hero Squad is back,and their breaking in to Adam Levines house.

"Alright guys we made it this far,we cant back down,ready?""Yes""Ok lets go inside".Super Hero squad had made  their way to Adam's house on their feet and were currently divising a plan on his lawn."Ok lets go over the plan,one more time.First,we sneak to the back,then you guys lift me up to the balacany,I go downstairs and unlock the door for you guys,then we find my phone,any questions?""What if Adam comes home?" Tyler asked."He wont,hes on a date lets go"

We scrambled to the back yard like ninjas avoiding any object in the path.I looked up"Ok Donnovon,stand here"I said directing and moving him.Once he was in the right spot I said "Alright now Tyler,I need you stand on Donnovons shoulders""On his shoulders?""Yes hurry!""Ok".Tyler climbed on his brother until his back was against the house and his feet were on Donnovons shoulders."K,my turn"I climbed onto the top of Tylers shoulders and grabbed the railing of the balancany,pulling myself up onto the balancany.Tyler and Donnovon flopped to the ground landing on their faces."Ok now you guys go to the front and ill unlock the door"

I entered Adam's house slowly noticing that I was in Adam's room.I quickly headed downstairs to the door."Click""Hey guys come on in""This place is really awesome""Yeah it belongs to a celebrity""Ok now that were in,Tyler look in here,this is the living room

The End

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