Incest(adam levine)chapter 31Mature

"Hey remember when we were younger and we used to pretend we were spies and super heroes"Tyler asked."Oh yeah The uh Super hero squad"Donnovon recalled."Guys this isnt a time to remember childish things,we need to find my phone""Well what if we use our super hero skills to find your phone""Yeah Tyler could be on to something""Fine Super Squad what do we do?""Well were is the last place you sawll it?""Wow um awhile ago like back when me and Donnovon went to the concert""So Friday,its now Sunday""So you had it during the concert,were did you go after the concert?""Well we went backstage and then we were going to find your aunt to go home but we split up""Yeah I followed Ann-I mean I went down the right hallway and you went to the left"

"Ok so you had it at the concert so after the concert were did you go?""She went Adams I remember him telling me,did you know her uncle is Adam Levine?""No thats awesome though""Ok so you went to Adam's,so it must be there right?""It could be""Ok then lets go get it""We cant Adam isnt home,hes on a date with his girlfriend""Anne"thats her name"Donnovon piped in."Right"I said."Well who says he has to be home for us to go in""We cant sneak in its a hollywood home im sure hes got security""But did you forget,not only are we great super heros and detectives but we are amazing spies""That will NEVER work"I argued."Come on Kourtney,dont you want your phone?"Tyler teased."Fine lets go"

The Super Hero Squad was back,and tney were breaking into Adam Levine's house

The End

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