Incest(adam levine)chapter 30Mature

Silence.Silence was the only thing in the car ride home after that,which I was fine with so that way I dont say something even more stupid.After like 5 more minutes on the road we pulled into my driveway."So ill see you later um have fun on your date with Anne"I say opening the door and getting out."Yeah see ya".The moment I shut the car door,Adam was out the driveway and down the road.

Later that day,I was watching American Idol in my comfy chair in the living room,when I heard a knocking on my front door.I stood out of my chair and walked to the door.Out the window in the door I could see who it was."Hey"I said stepping out to my next door neighbors. "Hey,our parents are kinda fighting so is it ok if we stay here?"Donnovon"Yeah my moms not home so its alright by me"I opened the door wider for both of them to come in.

"You guys can sit where ever you want,do you want something to eat?""Yes "Donnovon and Tyler exclaimed at the same time."Alright,I can make mac in cheese?""Sounds good""Yes".After 20 minutes in the kitchen trying to find the mac in cheese boxes I decided to make the microwave able kind.I brought out the food to them handing eaach boy one and keeping one for my self.I sat down in my chair while they were on the couch.

"So Kourtney,I heard that Bryan Smith is looking for you"Donnovon said."Bryan Smith as in THE Bryan Smith,the hot one?"Bryan Smith is pretty much that popular guy in the movies that always gets his way and is a total hottie to almost every girl who has ever seen him.Donnovon shook his head."Yeah I heard that too"Tyler said."Wait how did you hear,youre in the elementary school still and Bryan is in 8th grade which is in the middle/high school?""Things get around fast""How have I not heard this yet?""I dont know""He is going to text you he said"I stood up so fast that my mac in cheese splattered to the floor."ME hes going to text ME"I started running leaving behind them with confused faces,to my bookbag.I chucked out the stupid stuff looking for my phone"Phone,phone,phone were are you,Ugh it not in here"

The End

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