incest(adam levine)chapter 29Mature

Later that day after the closet incident,Adam decided to bring me home so he could go on his date with Anne.We were driving down my road when he full forced speeded stomped on the brakes making me fly foward and hit my head on the windshield."Ouch Adam why did you stop?" I ask holding my forehead.""Well a stupid kid was just about to run across the road but then he stopped and I thought he was waiting then he ran across the street in front of us"I slid up the seat to see what kid he was talking about."That kid?""Yeah""Thats Tyler the next door neighbor""Well he must have saw us so he sould have waited.""Yeah ill ask him later why he didnt"I was looking out the window at Tyler.He was ringing the doorbell of a house not even caring how we alnost hit him.Next a girl came out the door and started hugging him.Who is she,why is she hugging him,what,is that his girlfriend?I know I souldnt be jealous because hes way younger than me but hes really cute and besides I like Adam and hes way to much older than me so...Why cant I like boys my own age?Not wanting to see if they did anything else I looked down at my feet.When I got board of that I finally noticed that we still were not driving,we were just sitting in the road.I looked up at Adam.He has been staring at me the whole time."Uh Adam you can drive now""Oh uh yeah sorry forgot"he said turning his attention to the road and putting his foot on the gas pedal and hands on the wheel.I snuck another look out the window.The girl had let Tyler in to her house.I looked at the road the whole way to my house until Adam said something."So um do you think your moms home?""I doubt it but Mrs.Tucker is right next door if I need anything""Ok just want to make sure your gonna be ok without me"Of course I will be,I have been for 3 years"Wow did I really just say that.I mean its not his fault hes famous well it is but....that was the wrong thing to say."Ouch that hurt"Adam said.I ju

The End

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