Incest(adam levine)chapter 28Mature

They were smiling at each other.Does she really make him happy?Sould I be happy for him?Was he really going to ask her to marry him?I had spent enough time looking at that shelf and enough time in this closet.I must have been in here for at least 15 minutes.I walked out of the room and down the stairs to see Adam watching tv on the couch.He turned his head to me as I approached"Hey you do know the bathroom is down here right cause you know I just told that a little while ago?""Oh yeah I know I walked into a closet to see if I could....hang my jacket in there""Theres no jacket hooks in there.""Yeah I see that know.Well I gotta pee so...What were you doing up there for so long?""Umm I told you looking for a jacket hook thing"I say to him closing the door to the bathroom behind me.The last thing I heard before I closed it was from Adam"You did'nt even wear a jacket here"

The End

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