Incest(adam levine)chapter 27Mature

"Wait um before you use the bathroom I have to ask you something""Oh um ok what is it?"I asked"Well last night when you were sleeping I got a phone call from my manager and he asked me to be on a singing competion as a judge""Wow how long was I asleep?"He laughed a bit before continuing."Well the TV show is called The Voice and there are three other celebrity judges""Who""Christina Aguilera Blake Shelton and Ceelo Green"Oh my god right there are three of my inspirations well maybe not Blake.Nothing against him hes a funny guy but country music dosent really speak to me"Thats amazing Adam are you going to do it?""I dont know thats why I am asking you"Ithought for a awhile.This most likely means Adam will be a bit busier than normal but he will get to work with three really big names in music as so himself."I think you sould do it even though the possibilty of having to share you with other people this sounds like a great expirence"I say forcing a smile.He cracks a laugh"Ok ill tell my manager when he about Anne.."Adam starts but I stop him."Look Adam as much as I would love to plan out youre life I've gotta pee"I said running back up his stairs and into the first room on the right.I slipped in and locked the door.I turned to the room.It was a closet.I am pretty sure this was the bathroom.Oh yeah Adam said it was downstairs but I had to run upstairs to avoid anything about Anne.Turns out the closet I was in would'nt help that.There were several shelfs with pictures on them.A whole shelf of Anne and him.On the shelf inprinted in the wood was  Annes name so someone would know this shelf was all about her.The first picture of was Anne at the beach standing in the waves.Gross.Then it was her in the mall looking at some shoes in some expensive store.The next few were of her doing stupid things and then the last one was of Adam and her in the park laying on a blanket.They were smiling at ea

The End

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