Incest(adam levine)chapter 26Mature

"Kourtney "Adam screamed as I sat up.He then engaged me in a bone crushing hug."Are you alright"He asked me"Yeah im fine just shocked.""More like shell shocked Kourtney you Fainted!!!"He yelled."Im sorry..?"I asked in a question like manner."Its ok im just glad your alright,now we dont have to tell your mom about this do we?""Um I guess not?""Your like the greatest niece in the world you know""Yeah your like the greatest uncle ever being Adam Levine and all."I said cause it was pretty true."Speaking of greatest thing you would abosolutely win an award for greatest stinkiest person""Thanks"Sorry I didnt mean it like that but you should definately take a shower.""Ok I will"I said running up the stairs."Kourtney the bathroom is down here"Adam said stopping me in my tracks."Oh yeah"Im such an idiot some times.

The End

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