Incest(adam levine)chapter 25Mature

When my eyes opened all I saw was white and mist.I sat up not knowing where I was."Hi"said I person in white clothing"Ummm hi do I know you?where am I?""Im Rupert your dream buddy and right now your in your own dream."Whoa whats a dream buddy?""I dream buddy is someone who you can only see in dreams""Yeah but whats the purpose?""The purpose of a dream buddy is to help you figure out what is a dream and whats not""Ok im not following""Alright heres an example whats one of your wildest hopes?""I want my uncle to love me in more than a family way""I see thats very weird""I know you asked""Alright look over there" He pointed to sometthing that I could'nt make out but It was coming toward us.As it ran closer I reliezed it was Adam."Run to him"said Rupert.I started walking fastly then started sprinting to him.As we got closer I could see him smiling.When we were about to touch Anne came behind him and started pulling him away into a vortex until they were both gone.I stood there not understanding"You see,your dream of Adam loving you is just a dream and is never going to happen""What but didnt you see him he was smiling he wants to love me."No that is your mind you need to face the facts that you and adam are never happening."I started falling im not sure where but I was screaming.Rupert didnt fall but his words came over in my head."Never happening""ever ever ever" they echoed.I could'nt take it any more "Noooooo"I screamed.Opening my eyes to the real world were Adam was waiting for me.

The End

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