Incest(adam levine)chapter 23( i think)Mature

After we ate breakfast adam and me were playing mario kart in his living room."I am so going to win this""yeah right Im ahead of you like 6 places."I said staring over at him in disbelief."Not anymore"I turn my head back to the screen"What???? no this isnt happening""Oh it is""No it's not"I say grabbing my wii remote in one hand.Then I jump on top of Adam so cant focus on driving."Hey,your stomach is on top of my remote"He whined."What are you going to do about it?"I ask him.When I was younger and I did something like this to him hed tell me what im doing and id say what are you going to do about it.After acouple seconds he said."This"then he flipped me over so I was on the other side of the couch.Then I was laughing like school girl.How was it not noticeable that I likee him.The best part,he was laughing too.

Then his phone rang.He flipped it open and answered."Hey babe"Oh It was her.Anne just her name disgusted me whenever i hear it."Oh yeeah ummm how about 7:30 at Quinn's?"Was he asking her out?Does this mean I have to leave tonight?What?"K see ya" he finished and plopped back down on the couch."So your going on a date tonight?"I asked"yeah with anee she wants to talk about how were fitting in her photo shoot on the day of my concert""Oh,can I ask you something?""You just did""Right welll ummm...""Im just kidding go ahead shoot""Why do you tolerate her?""Who Anne,shes my girlfriend I love 

The End

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