Incest(adam levine)chapter 21Mature

"Come over here"Adam told me after stepping out of his room.I stepped over toward him and he placed his hands under my knees and lifted me up so he was carrying me.On the wat to wherever were going I started daz'ing off.The last thing I heeard was"Ill protect you"

The erst of the night was a blur.No that didnt mean I was drunk

When I woke up this morning I found myself in someone elses bed.I rolled over to be greeted with a smile by Adam."Adam?,whats going on how did I get here?""Oh well you were really tired last night so I took you to my place because it's closer and I told Donnovon he said that was fine.""Oh ok""we just sat staring at each other for a few moments."Lets go eat breakfast"Adam said"Um ok"I said jumping off the bed.I was not in the same clothes as last night.Now im wearing a oversized white t-shirt and some old pj pants."Are these yours?""Yeah hope you dont mind"Adam said.When Adam got out of the bed my eyes popped out of my sockets.He was only in his boxers.This will be a long morning

The End

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