Incest(adam levine)chapter 20Mature

"Well yeah you want to stay in shape but Kourtney theres nothing to you"Adam said."I think I sould go"I said jumping down from Adam's bed."Kourtney wait we have to talk about this its not healthy.""I really dont want too"I said I could feel the tears threathening to fall."Tell me whats going on" Adam said stepping in front of the door.I knew there was no way out of this si I sat back down on the bed.Adam came over and dropped to his knees like he was before."Kourtney do you eat breakfast?""No""Why?""Because ""Thats not answer"I stayed silent."Kourtney please"

Adam sounded desperate."Kourtney Ill call your mom and she can tell me why"Thats when I broke tears came flying out of my eyes and strolled down my face.I struggled to say something."I..I...I dont eat brea..kf..ast because...cause I..dont ..wa..wa..want mom and get fired."I say"What about lunch dont they sell that at school?"Adam asked me."Yeah b..ut ahve to for it and I know we could use that money s..o.I do..nt her it."Oh my god Kourtney im so sorry."Adam says to me and gets up on the bed.He embraces me once again.My head is pushed into his chest with his one hand keeping it there and his other stroking my hair.My hand is between both of us clutching his shirt that im crying into. the other squeezed around his arm.His chin is on top of my head so I can feel him speak."Im going to be there for you I promise.Im gonna wake up early drive to your house and make you breakfast and give you money for lunch.Ill make sure of it you wint ever have to worry again."His speech just made me cry harded knowing he would go to any lenghts for me.After a couple minutes I stopped crying."Come on lets get you home"Adam said leading me off the bed a hand on my shoulder the whole time.

The End

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