Incest(adam levine)chapter 19Mature

"Alright now lets find Cindy""like her hair was all pretty and blonde-""Donnovon focus we got to find your aunt""Right".Then Anne walked out of the door and went down the right hallway."Lets split up i'll go down the right hallway you go down the left""Donnovon thats a horrible idea"I tried to reason with him but he was already rounding the corner following Anne."Ugh" I growled going down the left hallway.

I swear I walked at least for a half and hour.I just kept going hallway after hallway.The worst parts and yes I said Parts with an S is that I have not found Cindy and Austin,I havent passed Donnovon or seen him since he left me in the hallway,Infact I havent passed ANYBODY!!!!.I made another left turn and collided with something hot."OWH thats hot"I yelled.Turns out that something hot was coffee and a person holding it.The person with the coffee happened to be my uncle and crush Adam.

"Oh my god im so sorry"he said"Dont worry about it its just hurts a little""Kourtney,I thought you guys left."We were suppose to but we cant find our ride and then Donnovon left me to do his own search so""Now I feel even badder,I just spilled coffee all over my niece""Are you ok how are the burns""id say pretty bad by how the ache."Alright come with me ill help you.I followed Adam back to his room where he sleeps before the concert.He helped me up on the bed and went to the bathroom.He came back out with a first aid kit.He got down on his knees next to the bed so face was by my stomach."Alright now lift up your shirt alittle."I lifted it up to just below my chest so he could see the burns on my stomach."Och this is most likely going to hurt,Kourt."He then picked up a wet wipe and wiped across the burns."Och!!!!!" I screamed in pain.Adam twitched at the sound of my pain"Sorry now ill put bandaidson them.Carefully Adam ripped the paper off the bandaid and stuck them on top of the burns.When he was done I stared at him.He was looking at my stomach with a sad expression.Finally I said "Adam its really no big deal about the burns if thats whats worrying you.""No its not that"he said staring at my stomach."Its just're so skinny like really skinny"he said looking at me straight in the eyes."Isnt it good to be skinny though?"

The End

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