Incest(adam levine)chapter 18Mature


"Kourtney what are you doing here?"Adam asked dropping the pencil he was holding and standing up."Well my friend got tickets to your show and asked me to come and I thought that you dedicating a song was really nice of you and came to say thanks""Your welcome it was so worth it"he said embracing me.Here comes his scent again.When we pulled away Donnovon asked me a question."So um how do you know Adam Levine exactly?""Hes my uncle""WHaT!!!!!!!!!""How could you have not figured that out,I mean how did you think we got in and How I knew the way around and WE HAVE THE SAME LAST NAME!!!"I sorta yelled."Well you didnt make it obivous.""I-"I started to say but then Anne walked in."Adam sweety that was great except for that last song that was kinda pitchey.""Thanks I think Adam said while being engulfed by Anne's arms.

"Oh Kourtney your here isnt that.....nice"Anne said noticing me after hugging Adam.

"Dont worry Anne were leaving anyway so you dont have to worry about anyone stealing your spotlight"I said harshly.She just smiled knowing she had win this battle."By Kourtney,Ill see you sometime ok I promise"Adam told me then hugged me.While he was hugging me he put me up in the air started spinning aroundlike he used to before he got really famous.We could have done that forever until Anne  humpfed.Then he put me down."See ya sunshine""bye"I said walking out the door.Once I closed it I turned around and opened it again."Miss me already"asked Adam."I forgot my friend"I saidI turned to Donnovon who was watching Anne put on her makeup.He stood with his eyes wide and mouth open."Lets go"I said pulling him by his ear out the door."Soory"I flashed Adam a smile and closed the door."Shes so pretty" Donnovon said as I was pushing him out the door."Bye guys""Bye"Then we left the dressing room.

The End

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