Incest(adam levine)chapter 17Mature

The concert ended so now we are wating in line after Cindy and Austin to go backstage."Backstage passes please"asked a tall buff guy."Of course mister"Cindy said handing the man both her and Austin's passes."Go on in"he said opening the rope for them."Passes please"he said returning to us.I walked close to him and whipered in his ear"Im Adam's niece""Of course go on in""Oh and he's with me"I said pointing to Donnovon."Sure"Then he let us in."Alright me and Austin are walking around the stage looking for Adam so he can sign my face"said Cindy."k c ya"Then they left.

"What did you say to that guy so he'd let us in?"Donnovon asked."Thats not important now follow me""Ok".I remember coming to this stadium when I once came to see Adam when he was in town.So I might remember how to get there."Where are we going?""Dressing rooms for the band""How do you now how to get there?""I just do ok""Alright".We moved to another hall."There!!!!!"I said racing to the door."Kourtney I dont think you can just walk into their dressing room""Why not"I said turning the knob and walking in.He followed because I think its illegal he said then stopped seeing 3 out of 5 members of Maroon 5.

"Hi guys Adam around?"I asked."Oh no is that Kourtney Levine"said the one named Micky."No ways thats way to big to be her,last time we saw'll her she was only this tall said Matt pointing to his knees."No it's me"I said."Wow you've grown the other one said but I forgot his name."How do you know Maroon 5?""Family friends,so um is Adam around?"I asked."Yeah him and jesse are writting anew song over in that room"Micky said pointing to a door."k thanks,nice seein ya" I said walking over to the door Adam was on the other side of.Donnovon following.Slowly I turned the knob and walked in.Adam looked up from his work and saw me.


The End

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