Incest(adam levine)chapter 16Mature

"Hey everybody thanks for comin out of whatever house,car or alley you live in"Adam said trying to be funny which apparnetly worked."So we gope you have fun and were going to start."They performed alot of their songs but one stood out to me it was called "Sad"Its one of the best songs i've ever heard.When Adam was singing payphone he looked toward my row but he did'nt see me.I tried to wave but he wasnt paying attention.Turns out as I turned around Anne was sittin a couple rows back smiling at him.Ugh I cant stand her.I turned back around as they finished singing "Payphone"."Ok guys this is are last song,this is the part were you guys boo."And the crowd did."Alright anyway this song is dedicated to my niece because she is amazing and sweet and incredible."Im my god Adam is dedicating a song to me!!!!"Alright this is not one of our songs its a daughtry song,lets start.I couldnt really understand the verses but I could here the chourus.

"In the middle of September,we'd still play out in the rain,nothin to lose but everything to gain.Looking back now it was worth it in the end"

I love Adam so much I have to go see him.

The End

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