Incest(adam levine)chapter 15Mature

"It started with a whisper,and that was when I kissed her then she made my lips hurt"I sang along with the neon trees as they preformed "Everybody Talks".We made it to our seats after we handed our tickets in.Donnovon and my seats were in row C seats number 18 and 19.Cindy and Austin's were in row D seats 17 and 16.So they were right behind us.

"Havin fun,Kourtney?""Yes this is great and nice seats too!""Your welcome and you want to know what coule make this night better?""What?""How about backstage passes!""OMy God Donnovon thank you so much you didnt have to do that""I know""Hey twerps were did you guys get backstage passes?"Cindy asked from behind us."I bought them online""Well could you get me and Austin some.?""Oh I think they would be sold out by now""Ugh""Why do you need to go backstage anyway,you dont have a celebrity crush on Adam Levine"'"Well ya but It would make us look cooler and besides hes hot.I smiled at this how do they not know im related to him.And a little jealous:-("Um Donnovon you can actully give them our passes"I said."You dont want to go backstage you just practically dying of excitment for it.""No i've got another way in"I said.Just then the lits in the room turned off but the stage ones came on.Then the crowd started cheering.Someone appeared.It was Adam.

The End

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