Incest(adam levine) chapter 14Mature

"What's that suppose to mean"I asked.Just then a red sports car looking thing drove up to where we were standing.As far as I can see there is a girl withred hair and sunglasses on and a boy with blond hair next to her.The sunroof on the car went down and out came the girl."Hey Donny,get in the car lets go to Maroon 5 concert,WHOOooop" she screamed then popped back down.I followed Donnovon(Donny) into the back of the sports car thing and hopped in.

"Hi im Cindy and this is my BF Austin""Hey"was Austin's words."Hi im Kourtney Levine""Hi kourt"I dont see why Donnovon said that stuff about them they seem fine to me.


OMG this roadtrip is a diasaster,I want to jump out the door no caring where I land or what on.Donnovon was so right.First of alleverytime we stopped at a intersection Cindy and Austin would have a make out session.EWW I mean really and with guest Gross.Then all Cindy did was ask me questions.Whats up with your hair,where diid you get that shirt Blah Blah Blah.Lastly she was singing at the top of her lungs one of Adam's songs."Bbut I only stay with you one more nightghtghtght,yeah!!!"Someone kill me.Actually I take that back bec:ause were at the concert!

The End

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