Incest(adam levine)chapter 13Mature

So you know how I was justing getting on the bus well now im getting off the bus.Yep that was fast.

"Kourtney we have to leave here at 5 so you know you've got like 2 hours."Donnonvon called over to me."Ok thanks c ya then"I answered.

That gave me 2 hours to pick out an outfit.I headed upstairs because I know my mom isnt home she works until 7.After setting my stuff down I go to my closet to pick out something to wear.After about a half and hour I decided on my Maroon  5 T-shirt Adamgot me when I was young but it was too big so I've never worn it.So yeah that My gray skinney jeans and my Dream out loud boots that are brown.I showered then put that on and went downstairs.It was only 4:30 so I still had a little while.So I sat on the couch and watched Thats 70's show.At 4:57 I headed over to Donnovons.

I rang their doorbell and waited for someone to answer.Tyler answered and said "Youre going with Donnovon right."Well hello to you to."Um ya he said we were leaving around 5 so..."I finished"Yeah i'll get him for you"He answered going to find Donnovon and shutting the door in my face.RUDE maybe it's just his brother I like.Then Donnovon came out."Hey you ready""yeah so how are we getting there and where is it?""Well my aunt is driving us there and its in Albany."Oh ok"Albany isnt too far away we live in middleburgh so it's only like a 45 minute drive."My aunts on her way,her name is Cindy and shes bringing her boyfriend Austin so i'll understand if you never ever want to come to a concert with me again,like ever."

The End

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