Incest(adam levine)chapter 12Mature

The rest of the week flew by pretty fast.I learned to speed change so I could make it to the bus on time.So now it's Friday morning and im going downstairs to talk to my mom.

"Hey mom,can I go to a concert tonight?""Kourtney,I barely have enough money to go get supplies at walmart and you expect me to have money for you to go to a concert?""Who said you had to pay?""You have money for a ticket to a concert,probley your own concert.""No mom,Donnovon invited me to go with him.""Whatever be safe have fun get outside or you'll miss the bus""Bye to you too"I say walkng out the door.

"Hey Kourtney" I heard someone yell turns out ot was Donnovon.(and Tyler)."Hey""Are you excited for tonight?""Oh my god yes,I cant wait"Then tye bus pulled up and we entered it.

The End

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