Incest(adam levine)chapter 11Mature

"Just sit down on the greenline please"said mrs.johns.I did as told.

"Alright lets take attendance"said mr.johnson."Kourtney Levine""Here""Alright Levine lets get started""k"

"Our first unit is soccer so first lets warm up and dont think im gonna cut you any slack cause youre the only one here and your related to Adam Levine,Run for 2 minutes go."I ran for 2 minutes its harder than you think I mean I only weigh 87 pounds and im out of breath.

The whole rest of the class we practiced soccer skills which im a pro at."ok Levine go get changed see you tomorrow""see ya" I said as I left.I was putting on my pants when the bell rung oh crap thats the leaving bell.I slipped on my shirt and grabbed my stuff not even tying my shoes.I raced up two flights of stairs and then I fell on my face.I ran through the halls after I tied my shoe of the high school.When I made it out the entrance,the buses where gone.

Then I remembered that the elementary is just like a couple minutes up the road so I started running to tye elementary scgool.I tripped  and fell at least 7 times in 7 mud puddles.When I made it to the  elementary the buses where waiting for the little kids so I ran down the sidewalk to my bus.I hoped onto the stairs of my bus."where have you been my bus driver Todd asked""umm gym" I answered  going to my seat.Suprisingly Donnovon was in it. his brother in the seat next to it."There she is,where have you been""and what happened to your clothes?""well I got caught in gym missed the bus ran here and fell 7 times in puddles."oh sorough day?""you have no idea"

The End

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