Incest(adam levine)chapter 10Mature

The rest of the day flew through pretty fast.Now it is eighth period and im in AIS.only for like 5 more mintues though.In my AIS class is Ryan,Lillian Rebecca and Joe.I stood waiting for it to be over when the teacher asked."Kourtney could you turn off the smartboard"me being nide I said yesI looked around the giant board for an off button but there was none.Finally as the bell rung Ryan told me there was a remote to turn it off then he walked to his next class.I grabbed the first remote I could see.It was the TV remote so know the Tv is making that stupid stactic noise."ahh joe help me I shouted"He walked over and turned the TV and grabbed a different remote and turned off the smartboard."Thank you so much"I said grabving my stuff and heading out the door.Man I just looked like a complete idiot in front of a boy...great.

I made my way to the gym locker room to get changed.The weird thing was that no one else was in there.I figured it was because I was late because I was a fool and that they were already out there.Well as I walked into the gym no one else was there but the teachers.I know what that means.Im the only one in this class.

The End

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