Incest(adam levine)chapter 9Mature

Sixth period:Reading with Mrs.Dener

Seventh period:Social Studies with Mrs.Arcker

Eighth period:AIS with Mr.Wood.Ok so while im in AIS my classmates in my homeroom are in Technology.I dont have to do Technology cause last year I did an extra quarter on it instead of music class cause I can ace music class.And apparently math isnt my best subject.

Ninth period:Gym with Mr.Johnson and Mrs.Jonah.Gym really and my last period.The gym is one the bottom floor so that means ll have to go back up two dlights of stairs to the high school and exit through there.Great

I peeked over to my Best Friend Carolyne's paper.



3:Research skills





8: Social Studies

9:Study Hall

Great.Finally Science was over,now to math.But first I stopped at my locker when My other best friend Angelina came uo and said.

"Kourtney guess what I heard""What""Theres a talent show coming up soon are you gonna sign up"

She stood with the flyer in her hand.

"I dont know Angelina,a talent show?"

"Yeah youre a great singer you sould go for it."

"I dont know" I answerd as I closed my locker.Then the bell rang and we ran/walked to math.

The End

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