Incest(adam levine)chapter 8Mature

When we got off the bus,I hiked up the four sets of stairs to the middle school.I got to my locker.Locker number 503 with a combonation of 4-6-36.While I was putting my stuff awaymy locker neighbors came over.The one on my left was Rylie,the half canadian/american girl.When ever she came to her locker she was singing.yay.On my right is kayla.Kayla is nice but is always giving people jumper cables.When I was in sixth grade I could never get my locker open so Kayla who again had a locker next to me would open it for me.Luckily this year im in seventh grade and can get my locker open.Weird enough neithrer of them said anything to me.

So I carried on and headed to class.

My first period is science with Mrs.Reynolds.I least I think so.yesterday we were supposed to get new list of classes for the new quarter but apparently they messed up sotheir handing them out today.I sat down just as the bell rang.

Mrs.Reynolds made us wait until the anouncements to hand out the list.When I got mine I looked it over.

First period:Science with Mrs.Reynolds.Alright im good with that.

Second period:Math with Mr.Wood.At least I can that over with early

Third period:Art with Mr.Francis.ok.

Fourth period:Lunch.Yum!!!

Fifth period:ELA with Mrs.Reynolds.Whatever

The End

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