Incest(adam levine)chapter 7Mature

If maybe you would want go...?"he finished.I looked at him very surprised."Um...what day is it?"I asked."It's Friday""Oh wow""yeah""What concert is it?cause the only country music I would tolerate is Zac Brown Band or Blake Shelton"I said."Oh no it's not country,it's Maroon 5"Maroon 5?Maroon 5!MAROON 5!!! as in Adam Levine yes yes yes.I tried to regain my compuser to answer him."I would love to go with you to the concert,Donnovon"

"Really""Really"I answered back.

Then he turned his head toward the front of the bus and smiled the whole ride to school because I agreed to go to a concert with him,I was smiling the whole ride to school because after a month of soulbreaking pain,I would get to see Adam.

I seriously could'nt wait for Friday!!!

The End

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