Incest(adam levine)chapter 6Mature

It now has been a full month since i've seen Adam.Im dying to see him again,ever since the reunion.I push myself to get up for school this morning(whoo-hoo) as I put on my clothes.Then I brushed my teeth and walked downstairs.I walked past my mom who was eating very fast like she does every morning so she could get to work  uson time without losing her job.My mom works as a waitress at a resturant in town.Everytime shes late they threaten to fire her.So instead of wasting her time,I dont eat breakfast.I know what you're thinking,dont I have a dad that could feed me.Well I dont,heres the story why

My mom and my father(John is his name I guess)lived together in a aparment downtown somewheres.They were highschool sweetharts so when they graduated they moved in together.Well ya and them I happened,but my mom didnt tell my dad,she was waiting I guess.One day they were driving around town,she finally decided to tell him.He wanted nothing to do with us.He made that clear when he told her to get out of his car and out of his life.My mom got out and he drove away leaving us on the street alone.

So thats the story behind my dad."Bye mom" I called out as I walked out the door.She waved and said by and I was out the door.I walked down my driveway toward the mailbox where I got on the bus.Donnovon and Tyler(next door neighbors that I have crushes on,1 older,1 2 years younger than me)were doing the same thing I was doing since we have mailboxes right next to each other."Hey Kourtney" Donnovon said to me."Hi guys,um im sorry for not being able to hang out last friday,I went shopping with my mom.""It's alright"answered Tyler.Just then the bus pulled up.It creaky doors shifted out in front of us.One by one we spilled on.I made my way to the third seat on the left side,I considered it my seat on the bus and so did every one else,no one else sat there but me.Sure sometimes people sit with me but when im on the bus I always sit there.When I sat down Tyler walked past my seat to another one.Donnovon instead sat with me."Hi""Hi""So um Kourtney I have two tickets to a concert and was wondering if 

The End

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