Incest(adam levine)chapter 5Mature

"Well,Adam this is'nt going to be easy to tell you"I started

"What,it can't be that bad"Oh it is though

"Um... well you see-"

"Adam,we have to get going.My photoshoot is in an hour"

I was cut off by Anne  who stood before us with her hands on her hips and foot taping.

"Oh yeah"Adam said disapointed as he stood up

"Bye Kourtney,can I have a hug"

"Sure"I said as I stood up.Adam embraced me to his chest and lowered his face down to my ear so only I could hear what he is saying.

He whispered"No matter what's bothering you,just know that I love you,alright"

Those are the exact words I wanted to hear from him just wrong meanings.

So I whispered back "Alright"

Then Anne was tugging him out the door.There was no more Adam.I won't get his smell out of mind.Of course i'll see him again but the more were apart just makes me want him more.

The End

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