Incest(adam levine)chapter 4Mature

"Adam,um...sorry..I did'nt see you there"

"You have an amazing voice"

"Thanks um...gotta go"I said as I walked out the door.

"You could be a singer"Adam said as he followed.

"Nah,I'll stick to school"

"You can still go to school"Adam said.

Now we were downstairs with the family and Anne(UGH)

I scrambled through the people as Adam was trying to catch up.

"Wait,why did run upstairs in the first place?"Adam asked

I pretended not hear him and sat on the couch,of course he followed.

"Why won't you tell me what's wrong?"Adam asked

How do I tell him whats wrong?I cant just say Adam i'm secretly in love with and think your amazing even though your my uncle.Can I

The End

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