incest(adam levine)chapter 3Mature

"Who was that boy?"Adam asked me."Oh well um it was the next door neighbor,Donnovon"I said."Is that all he is...just the neighbor?""Yeah"Geez Adam,I dont wanna talk about that relationship,I wanna talk about ours."Alright if thats what you say..."As I was about to answer back Anne came and sat right between Adam and me.ARE YOU KIDDING ME was the only thing that came to my mind.

"Hey babe""Hey,If you didnt mind I was kinda talking to Kourt-" He didnt get to finish because Anne had smashed her lips to his.After 3 minutes of that horrid make out session,I got up and ran out of the room upstairs to mine.I laid on my bed soaking the pillow.Relax Kourtney their just kissing its not like there getting married.I sat up and looked around my room.My guitar was the thing I grabbed because music helped me through alot when my dad left us.Finally I started to sing a acoustic version of Paramore's "Misery Business"

"Im in the business of the misery lets take it from top.Shes got a body like an hourglass thats ticking like a clock.Its a matter of time before we all run out.When I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth"As I sang the last line I realized I could get over how true it was with my problem.I could not gone on from

"Kourtney that was amazing"

I reconized that voice anywhere...It was Adam(Levine).

The End

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