Incest(adam levine)chapter twoMature

Anne is a Victoria Secret model so she thinks she's all that and she's Russian.She's about 5'9" in height."Bridge"said Adam to my aunt as he stepped in and hugged her.As he walked in a could see that he was wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans with some chains.He looked hot.Anne came in dressed in a tight and I mean tight mini-skirt with a strapless designer shirt.How causal for a reunion(not).

"Adam"called my mom."Hey Ter-Ter"said Adam as he hugged her.As his eyes looked across the room,they landed on me."Oh Kourt,you look stunning"he said walking over to me and twirling me around."Thanks"."Yeah Adam she's not the same 6 year old girl who ran around in just her underwear"said my mom."No she's a sexy woman now"called my aunt.I smiled up at Adam and he mirrored my motions.Anne slightly irritated that no one was paying attention to her said"Hey look im here".Everyone just gave her a look until grandma said"We know,we just dont care"Did I mention that im not the only one who didnt like Anne.

After everyone said hellp to Adam I sat on the couch and he sat next to me."So Kourt hows school going?""Alright"This was so awkward.Luckily the door bell rung so I got up an answered it.I opened it up to the boy next store.His name is Donnovon.He's one grade older than me.He has red hair but its adorabl.He has a little brother named Tyler who is two grades below me and has blonde spiked up hair.I actually have acrush on both of them even though one is two years younger."Oh hey Donnovon,whats going on?"."Not much,just wanted to see if you want to hang out?""I would but this is a family reunion so...""Oh yeah no problem.I'll see you later,bye""bye".I went and sat back down next to Adam.

The End

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