incest chapter 1Mature

I'm not crazy or stupid I'm just thirteen and in love.I don't get every other girl in the world can love Adam Levine why can't I.Oh yeah he's my uncle.

I looked at my self in the mirror.I looked like a child.Today is my family reunion and I want  no NEED to look amazing.Not because its my family and I want to impress them but because my uncle will be thereMy uncle the one and only Adam Levine.That makes me Kourtney Levine(with a K).So yeah anyway I kinda have a crush on my uncle,Adam.I have not told any one this because they will just think its either sick or kinda adorable.I looked in my closet for something smashing when i found it.A short silver mini dress with one shoulder and a strap on the other side.I got dressed in that and walked downstairs.

When I walked downstairs I seen that my aunt Bridget(my mom,Terra's and Adam's sister)was talking to my mom(Terra)."Oh my god is that my niece""Yes looks like she's dressing to impress tonight"replied my mom to my aunts question."You look so amazing and sexy"said my aunt"Thanks"I replied.

The reunion atarted at 3 so more people have arrived like grandma and poppy and cousins but still no sign of Adam.Where is he?Since hes so famous he can'tusually make it to these kinda things but he said he would be here.It was now 4 still no Adam.I was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang."I'll get it" said my aunt Bridget."Oh my god its Adam Levine!!!"screamed my aunt.The whole household turned to look at the door.And there stood about 6 feet tall,Adam Levine,my uncle.Behind him my worst nightmare,his girlfriend Anne.She was about

The End

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