There are banks all across America that don't store money-instead, they store information. These banks, the Incendus rob.

Flames licked the front of the bank, windows smashed and people were thrown into the air by what felt like an invisible hand. The moment ceased and the flames withdrew to a car in front of the bank. Three armed men ran into the bank with gas masks on, hoods over their heads. They jumped over a counter and grabbed an old man, pushing him to a large steel door. One of the armed men pointed at the safe and growled "Open the fuckin safe!"

The old man nodded and grabbed a dial, spinning it back and forth. A click spun the armed men into action and they threw the door open, two of them sprinting inside. Small safes lined the walls on every wall, but only one caught their eye, number 23. They put a key into the safe and pulled a hard drive out. The two men sprinted out of the room and ordered "Go, go!"

All three ran outside and two jumped into the back of an ambulance while the third took the drivers seat. They changed their clothing into EMT uniforms but the driver kept his mask. The driver sped of, waiting half a block until he took his gas mask of. Police cars sped by them towards the scene, sirens wailing. 

The End

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