Pandora Rosen D is no ordinary girl, she's the child of Fury, the spawn of Satan. She is not allowed to love, she only has darkness and temptation on her side. She's been sent to the human world to tempt as many people as she can... but what if one of them tempts her?

Rosen stood at the Gate of Hell, the portal which separates her home from the human world. She had been sent away from home for some "intensive training" by her father, but she knew this was just to get her away from home whilst her father took more women to bed in the vain hope he'd have a child that was to his favour. She had been this child until her father found out about "Belial", her brother. All her life Rosen had been the model child, the image of the spawn of the devil in everyone's eyes.

But Belial was on another level... he was cruel, spiteful and hilariously funny wrapped in one, he had never loved nor been loved; only admired and idolised.

'Have a nice trip, Pandora. I'll be ruling over Hell by the time your back!' A soft voice snickered, Rosen turned around and looked at her brother with loathing.

'My name is Rosen.'

'It's engraved on that rock over there that your name is Pandora.'

'Pandora... is a flimsy name! It cannot be said with fear and terror!' Rosen shouted angrily.

'What? And Rosen can?'

'Yes, because one day you shall be screaming out that name whilst I crush your skull!'

'Very scary.'

'Oh shut up, now I'm going. I'd rather have Hell freeze over than rule under you,' Rosen spat, glaring at her brother who glared right back at her.

'Now, now, children! Don't look so glum! What's life without some sibling rivalry?' Their father appeared, and looked at their expressions, 'oh! Did I touch a soft spot, come on you two...  just remember, your not the only ones! There are over a thousand other brothers and sisters of yours out there!'

Belial and Rosen gave their father a stony look.

'I'm going, you did get me a house right?'

'Yes, yes. It's the giant castle just left of the school.'

'You having a laugh?'



'No, hot. But there's a little of lady who lives in the cellar, lovely women! Be sure to bash her around a bit if she starts screaming, please.' Satan smiled warmly, before snapping his fingers, a large flame wrapped itself around Rosen's body and she was tossed into the gate, not knowing where she was going to land...

The End

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