First Day, Hell or Heaven?

Note to self's from 7am-8am:

-Never eat breakfast again

-Unpack all clothes asap

-Tree's are real and there are allot of them

-There's more then just food snatching birds,, and they make noise!

So I get up and get dressed.  I wore my pair of ripped jeans that have the rips in all the right places and makes my butt look good and my white alice in wonderland shirt that had alice holding the bottle with the label 'drink' on it.  Put on  my black converses did my hair and make up and hair.  I decided to have breakfast after that, horrid mistake.  I poured me a bowl of frosty flakes and sat down.  My cat decided he wanted some too and next thing I knew it was on my lap. GREAT! All my other good jeans were in boxes so i had to settle with a old pair of black skinny jeans that looked really washed out.  They didn't sound bad till you saw the white paint splatter on my butt.  Luckily my shirt covered that pretty nicely.  I was running late for school and i had to catch the bus since my mom had taken off to work and I had never met my dad before.  Before i knew it I saw trees.  And i mean LOTS of them, EVERYWHERE! Ugh the branches got stuck in my hair and i got sap on my hands. Ewwh so not what I wanted.  Then I made a foul of myself when I screamed when a little weird creature called a bird made a dead squeaky chirping sound and the neighbours starred at me. The bus! Let me just say I have no complaints about the bus except lack of people.  I sat by myself in the middle of the bus as it was half way full but i can't complain it wasn't as bad as i though it would be.  School.  As i got off the bus i starred at a small one story school painted white and blue trimmed.  Graffiti was barely noticeable here.  My classes were small and peaceful and I got next to nothing for homework but I was always placed beside random people who didn't talk much. For example this chick Laura in science class;

Me: Haii, I'm Jessica

her: Hey. 

Me: Uhm, nice to meet you too..?

her: Oh Im.. Laura. 

-she paused before telling me her name to look over me critically-

me: Nice, nice.  Anything interesting I need to know about this place?

her: .....yeah, don't speak in class I'm trying to pay attention.


note to self: Do not talk to Laura during class, shes a tooottttalll badarse, NOT. 

Lunch. Finally. Time to meet some decent people.  And that I just did.  Let me first describe the cafeteria.  It was the second largest room in the building besides the stage.  Over 30 tables were in here and like 5 over filled garbage cans.  The groups were uber noticeable too.  You had the girls who ate nothing at the far end of the room. starring at empty trays.  There were the jocks wearing jerseys or holding a ball of some sort and looking really strong sitting near the middle just off to the left taking like 10 tables filled with every single jock in every grade there.  And,,, you know what never mind there's to much to say and so little time lets get on with this shall we? Sitting at the back of the room taking up like 4 tables were the scene kids, YES! I love scene kids especially LG and LB (little girl/ little boy) scene kids.  I sat down in an empty seat and introduced myself here's how the convo went:

Me: Haii, Im Jessica. 

The chick across from me: Hii, uhm why don't I know you?

Chick beside me: Don't be a dumb butt Chloe thats the new chick that moved here remember miss whats-her-face told us about her during Homeroom. 

Chloe: OH YEAH I remember now! Thanks Dezeray. Oh I'm Chloe by the wayy.

Me: So I heard.

-guy comes up and sits beside me: Jet black hair, baggy jeans, skater hat a little crocked, baggy graffiti hoodie, Nikes, HOT!-

him: Who's the new chick? 

Dezeray: Jessica

And just like that I met my new best friends.

My next classes were drama, PERFECT!

and art, EVEN BETTER!

My Drama teacher, Mr.Crain was a tall middle aged man. He had dark brown hair and a clean shave.  He wore a pair of jeans and a blue dress shirt undone rolled up to the elbows with a white shirt underneath. 

"Today everybody, were gonna go a quick exercise to get back into things after our hopefully good easter break." He said as he stood at the front of the room.  The class was at the back of the school in a weird storage like room.  Everyone got  up and walked through a door that led to the stage.  I soon found out Dezeray was in my class.

"Hey, Dezeray, right?" I asked as i walked up to her.

"Yeah, your Jessica, we met at lunch." She said smiling.

"So wanna explain what we're doing?" I asked her

"Wait and see, it ain't bad just... I can't explain it there is no rules so do what you want." She said

ohhkayyy then that was a weird answer.

A tall, pasty guy wearing jeans, running shoes and a DC shirt stepped into the middle and thats when the game began.

"Look!" He yelled and pointed to no where in paticular.

A short, native girl ran over to the center and pointed in the same direction as the boy.

"I know! It's amazing!" She joined in.

"I dont know." He said straightening up and looking dumb.

"No look! its awesome!" She yelled out

"I dont kn--" He started when Dezeray called out

"Freeze!" She said stopping the skit and went to the middle and tapped the boy who took Dezerays place in the circle and she froze in the same way the boy had on stage.  Then suddenly started again.

"Oh my god! I love you Taylor!" She called out out stretching her arms like she was about to receive a hug.

"NO! I hate you Dezeray!" The girl, Taylor, said.

Dezeray fell to her knees and started to fake cry, "What? Why?!"

"Because you didnt scratch my face yesterday." She said 

"I'm so so-" Dezeray tried to say but someone cut her off


and i think you get the point it went on and one forever like this and we laughed allot and before i knew it I had art.

I'm not even going to waste my time explaining this class. The teacher Mrs.Edmonds was a small slightly over weighted lady with blond hair and glasses.  She spent the whole time talking about going over rules of the classroom just for me. I think everyone hated me by the end of the class.


The End

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