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Dear Diary,

I have problems.  Not the usual problems like 'my mom won't let me go to the party tonight' or 'i have a zit on my forehead' my problems were totally different.  My name is Jessica Brown and i was turning into a whore. I had commitment issues.  I can't hold down a boyfriend for more then a week without cheating on him.  I have made out with half of the people in my grade 9 class lets not get started on other grades.  I have issues.  But recently I have the worst problem yet.  I'm going from the big city dreams to small town hill billy hell.  HELP ME! Like come on.  The school has 2,000 people  in it unlike my old one that had 20,000 something kids. My first day is tomorrow and I'm not excited.  But what ever.  I'm thinking ripped jeans, baggy Alice in Wonderland shirt, black bra, lacy thong, hair uber scene with m black bow in it and my converses? Good enough.  I'm tired i'll right again tomorrow i guess,,,, 

Love me, 


The End

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