InadequatelY= <3quaL?

umm this a poem i wrote... about sometimes feeling alone & stuff jus read it 7 try 2 get it if not ask questions!!!..

So confused and alone
alienated by my passion to
be loved
but am i alone?
does it hurt you ?
like it hurts me,
to see that with me your not
who your suppose to be
you tried to leave but but i wanted
so bad,..for to stay with me
so in my mind you became who i wanted you to be
Love didnt conquer...that lack of trust
stopped my lust for my heart to only beat for you
alienated once more, for our choice to be the voice..
of those who have no choice but to be unlike you..
for our passion is greater to be ourselves...
there is only one we dont come in sequels ,..
undecided with Love uninvited
different from the rest
my backwards world makes me Inadequately

The End

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