Between Heaven and Hell

Before Carl knew it, the cloud of heaven dissapeared and an eerie blackness worked its way in to his vison. He blinked, hoping maybe it was just a trick of the eye, but it wasn't.

"Well,Well,Well." The voice of the angel chuckled to the left of where Carl now stood. "I guess you can't be a swallow afterall."

'Why the heck not?" Carl chirped, spinning in circles, trying to find the angel.

"Well, you are between heaven and Hell, where you go before rencarnation." The angel seemed to read it from a note card in his pocket, but what did Carl know, he was a blind bird. "you go here first to see if your spirit can handle this body, basically, to find if the shoes fit."

Carl thought about the angels words for a second, then sighed. Maybe, he thought, maybe to find what I belive, I need to take a journey.

'Hey, Mr.Wings for Brains, what's your choice now? Sea slug? Or another afterlife you don't belive in?" The angel tapped his foot, and picked Carl up.

"You know what?" Carl realeased the last bit of fight in him. "Let me try this whole "reincarnation thing."

The angle waved his hand over Carl, and suddenly the bright whiteness of the area over came him. He tried to wiggle his arms, but found himself wiggling nothing.

"So, am I a slug?" Carl sighed. "How long till I forget who I am?"

"Well, yes you are a hideous slug indeed." The Angel, now that Carl could see, was a tall man with a lampshade on his head, and a toga around his body. "And because  you don't truly belive in this afterlife, I'll consider this a test trial, you won't forget who you are.. unless you find an epiphany."

Carl, still gazing at the angel with his newly formed eyes, giggled at the lampshade.

"Shut up and get going. We are in Limbo you know...get it? Limbo...?"

The End

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