I woke up with a headache so massive that it felt like my head was about to burst in pain. This annoyance was interfering with my memory and I couldn’t seem to recall what happened before now.

My face was sore from lying on the hard floor; probably because I was unconscious for so long. My right hand struggled to lift my weak body up, which also seemed to be in pain. Eventually I sat up and rested my aching back on the curved white wall. Looking around only reminded me of the torture that was this room and the man that imprisoned me in here.

That’s right, the man in the suit! I thought.

The memory of my last encounter with him suddenly flooded back to my aching head. How could I forget? And what is this company that he works for? COPY Inc.? Whatever it is I hope it burns down to the ground… then again I’m probably currently kept inside the facility, so maybe that wouldn’t be such a good thing to wish for.

Though the last thing that I could remember was trying to give the guy a good smack to his face, but I guess he must have beaten me to it and whacked me to next Tuesday (which could have possibly been the case since). How he did it is beyond me. I didn’t even see him flinch.

I guess physical assault isn’t a practical solution, so whit will be my only pawn in this match.

Looking up I couldn’t help but noticed that the light from the ceiling dimmed down from before. Maybe by brightening the room the man has a better chance to confuse my senses and get me off guard whenever he visits. Now that I think about it, if he is observing me, where are his cameras? (I spun my head around) Nothing. Though I know he is watching my every move, so devising a plan will be difficult.

Pondering, I tried to come up with an escape plan while hearing a faint humming noise coming from the light in the ceiling. However my thoughts were shrouded in anger. All I could think of was the man’s face, and how much I wanted to stomp out the devilish fire in his eyes.

While thinking, my hand was fiddling with the tattered and worn out end of my right sleeve. Once I realized what I was doing, an idea struck me.

The End

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