An Unwelcome Visitor

“Good Morning Christopher” said the unwelcomed voice. “How was your day?”


I tilted my head up to answer. “What do you want?” in a grumpy and despicable tone.


“Ooh! I don’t know if I like your attitude Mister.”


“Shove it and answer my question!” I was starting to lose my patience.


“Ok, ok. All I wanted to do was just talk. Nothing else.”


“That’s a lie.”


“It's ok if you don’t want to talk.”


“If you really knew what I wanted you would have let me free by now.”


“Now Christopher, must we go over this again? You are a specimen that is much too dangerous for the

outside world. Who knows what might happen.”


“Apparently you know.”


“…This is correct.”


“So why are you keeping that information from me?”


Good question. It is best that you don’t know now because it might spoil my results.”


“Results!?! Are you doing experiments on me!?!”


“Now Christopher, why else would I have kept you in here?”


“To torture me?”


“Ha ha!” Bursting in laughter. “Now that’s just inhuman.”


“You just said that you experiment on me! What kind of human being would do that!?!” My frustration

was starting to get out of hand.


“Now Christopher, there is no reason to get angry. How about you calm down and get some rest?”


“No!” at that moment I aggressively stood up and finally stared him eye to eye. The once hidden face

has now been unveiled.


I could see his green eyes, his Italian nose, his 100 dollar hair cut, his long shaped head and his imperialist look and feel to him. He wasn’t the type of person that I would consider an evil psycho maniac; but rather an ordinary guy. In fact without that suit he would almost look like a modest looking man; which was something that I wasn’t expecting.


“I don’t care who you work for…” I said while looking down at the logo on his suit. “… but I demand you to let me go!”




I immediately and angrily through my fist at him but before I could contact his face I instantly blacked out.




The last thing that I could remember was the logo on his suit.


C.O.P.Y. Inc.

The End

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