The Dream

The haunting white color of the room fazed to a slight grey. My shadow, which has been hidden behind the light, has now reappeared and has engulfed the room. Making the once small room into a limitless void.


The only color that still exists was the white clothing that nearly covered my pale skin. I looked up and saw nothing. I looked down and saw nothing. I rotated my head and with no surprise saw nothing.


Then a figure appeared in front of me.


An image of a man crawled up in the same position as I was and was wearing the exact same plain outfit. Though I could not see the man’s face, even though everything else seemed so clear. I was able to see his skinny little arms, all of his toes on both of his bare feet, and his tattered up sleeves.


But I still could not see his face.


I tried to move towards his direction and he did the same towards me. It was like he was copying my every move. Then once we were close enough I tried to extend my hand to prove to myself that he was real, and he did the same.


However my hand did not touch the man’s seemingly real hand, and instead stopped on a hard flat surface. It was then that I realized that this man was my reflection.


And the funny thing was that I still couldn’t see his face.



I looked down to check for the same features that I noted on the reflection, but something strange happened. Instead of seeing my white clothing I suddenly faded to the surrounding darkness.


Then I looked up and saw the faceless man in the black suit.






I looked around as I was trying to recover from the shock.


It was just a dream, I thought. Thank God…


After my heart rate alleviated I once again laid back on the white floor in the overarching white room.


Now that I think about it… I really don’t know what I look like.



The End

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