Thoughts of a Bored Man

Ten hours…


That was my estimated time that I have been cooped up inside here. It seemed to felt like two days, but I knew that boredom can trick the mind into thinking that a certain amount of time may seem longer than it appears. So my estimate seemed accurate… I think.


After finding the location of the door I really haven’t done much else. I tried to fall asleep but the hard floor made it difficult to do so. I then thought that doing some sort of exercise would not only occupy me but also tire me out. By doing this I would be able to sleep a little easier.


Pushups, sit ups, I did it all.


It took me roughly 2 hours to exhaust myself. I guess I use to go to the gym a lot.


Then I lay on the ground. Continuing to ponder.



I wonder what my life was like before I came here. Maybe I was some business man or famous actor… Probably not, I must have been a “mad” scientist or something. Why would someone lock up a person who is a business man?


Though that still doesn’t answer why I am here. If I’m so dangerous to the public, why doesn’t that man in the black suit kill me? Am I immortal or something?


I guess I could test that out but that’s too risky (and idiotic).


…I wonder if I have a wife and kids. If I do they are probably extremely worried by now. However if I don’t then that fact will solidify my loneness...



Though I would do anything to know.



I can’t remember what else I was thinking about because I started to doze out…


The End

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