"Have a nice day"

"'Have a nice day!’... Jerk!" I said aloud in a mocking tone that exposed my discussed.


I mean what the hell is going on? I thought to myself.  First I somehow get abducted, lose my memory and then get thrown in a room like this. I mean I'm not some crazy maniac that goes around killing people; or at least I think I’m not.


And what am I suppose to do in here? Bore myself to death?


*sigh*... Well at least my vision is back. Now I can see the plain white wall and the plain white ceiling perfectly match with my plain white outfit... Great...


Thinking of doing nothing else, I finally decided to stand up and estimate the height of the room. I looked up and noticed that the light from the ceiling didn't seem so bright now; maybe it was because I adjusted. I raised my arm and once again could barely skim the top. So roughly 3 to 4 meters. Though I now know that the source of the light is the ceiling it’s self, rather than a simple light bulb.


So this is it. Literally nothing.


Then I suddenly remembered. The door. The door that the man appeared from. It was in this room, but where?


I quickly slammed both my hands on the wall and surveyed it for any straight cracks that could possibly be hiding a door.


There’s got to be something here… Ha!


It was faint but I found a perfectly vertical crack within the circular wall. I could barely see it, but it was there. With my fingertip I felt the other three lines that make up the disguised doorway.


So here it is… my escape.



The End

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