The Figure

"Hello Christopher "

Christopher? That must be my name. Though I can't remember if that is true.

"Did you have a pleasant nap?", the man said in a creepy voice. I still couldn't get a good look at him because my vision was blurred, but I could make out that he was wearing a black business suit.

"Who are you and why am I here?" I said.

"Oh Chris, I can't tell you who I am."

"Then answer my other question!" I irritatingly said.

"Because Christopher, you are much too dangerous to the outside word."

"So you locked me up in this small room?"

"Well... yes."

"What gives you the right to do this?"

"This is not something of whether I have the right to do this; I'm doing this because it needs to be done."

"You're sick!"

"Ha ha! You would say that."

*sigh* "... So why am I so dangerous?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Chris but I can't tell you." Then the man headed out the door, "Have a nice day."

And so the door closed. Which as strange because I don't remember a door being there. Maybe it was hidden in the wall.

... Though I now know who am. The thing is I don't know anything else...

The End

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