Run from the room

The figure in the TV began to take shape.  It was a man, there in the static, slowly taking form.


"Run", her mind told her, but her body would not respond.  In the sound of the static she could hear a voice.  It was just static, but still it was voice.  She felt if she concentrate hard enough she might make out what it was saying.....


"Don't listen, run!" Her mind insisted again.  The figure in the TV began to grow larger.  Larger?  No... it was coming nearer.  Something inside her broke, and when her mind once more shouted run she leapt from the couch and bolted from the room.   She made her way down the hall and up the stairs, dashed into her bedroom and slammed the door.


Still she could hear the static, louder and more insistent than ever.  From under the door a pale, flickering light stole into the room.


"No!  I refuse to accept this!"  Her rational mind insisted, but her senses could not be denied.  Fear like she had never known had settled into the pit of her stomach and every instinct she possessed told her to flee.

The End

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