In the TV

The movie hadn't really compared to its review in the magazine and the combination of heavy food and too much wine had contributed to her falling asleep before the movie was even half way through.

Now, the world beyond the window was dark, the fire had burned down in the heath and the tv screen was filled with static.

For a moment, she sat staring blankly at the screen, wondering what time it was, whether she really should move to go to the loo, trying to recall the movie.  All the thought tumbling through her head for just a moment.

Suddenly the only though in her head was the moving image on the screen.  Although she hadnt touched the remote control, although the screen was still filled with static, a white snow falling infinately, she sensed rather than saw a slight movement in the screen, as if another image was trying to come through.

Transfixed, she could only stare until she began to see a face and heard, almost inside her own head, the face callung to her.

She knew it was irrational, but she felt that the person beyond the screen wanted her to go to him, she felt as though she belonged there, with him

The End

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