Chapter ThreeMature

Paden scoffed at her, "Don't lie to me, I know what I saw." he said lowly, irritation in his voice.

"Oooooh, Derrick is really gonna have your hide, Missy!" a bald black man with  a scar that ran from the side of his ear down to the middle of his collar bone said with a south Texan accent, as he walked in the door. He wasn't wearing anything except a pair of worn out Wranglers and cowboy boots. 

"Fuck off, Buck, aren't you supposed to be patrolling in Austin?" she growled at him. 

"I'm done. Got done about three hours ago, it's not my fault you didn't notice. I resealed the city and it's all good." he said, drawing out the good. She rolled her eyes and flipped him off.

"Easy now, no need to get rude." he said with a grin and walked out. She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

"Sorry about him, he's an ass." she said with a charming smile, "Now when you're feeling a lot better, and can actually walk, you gonna need to get out." she told him, apologetically. 

"I hear that Missy brought in two human named Paden and Emma today." Mars said conversationally to another Altorian, Tiffany. She looked up sharply at the two names, she was one of the newer ones, she became an Altorian because her husband had cheated on her and then killed her.

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The End

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