Chapter TwoMature

When Paden woke up, he saw two legs, clad in black leather boots with 4 inch  platform heels with chains hanging from them. The boots moved away and a tall woman, wearing a plaid miniskirt, with chains hanging from it, and a black hater top with no back. She had a huge black dragon coiling down her back, breathing fire up towards her neck. He looked at the men, all of them but one were on the ground, heads bashed in. The last man had a scar on his face that slashed from the corner of his right eye to his right ear. Paden then realized that he knew this man, he was a classmate in college he had.

"Stupid demon, don't you know it's not allowed to attack innocent humans?" the woman asked, as a whip wrapped around his arm and she jerked, pulling his arm completely off. Paden's eyes widened when he saw that the last three feet of the whip had barbs on it.  The man screamed out in pain and went down on one knee, holding his good hand to his shoulder. 

"Curse you." the man growled out.

"Been there, done that" she said with a shrug and yawned. She walked over to him and pushed his head down with one finger and his head left a dent in the ground. Paden's eyes widened, was he next? Was she going to kill him, like she had them? She stood and turned and walked over to him and squatted in front of him, her skirt changing into a pair of goth pants. 

"You ok, kid?" she asked, "Don't answer that, you're bleeding like hell. Great, Derrick is gonna have my hide for this." she said with a sigh. She picked him up and he tried to push her away.

"No, Emma, where's Emma?" he asked weakly. She looked at him quizically.

"Emma? You mean the girl? She's fine, she's in the Safehouse for now, that's where we are going." she told him. He nodded slightly before his vision dimmed and blackened.

When Paden woke up he heard muffled voices but they slowly became clearer.

"Dammit Missy! You can't do that! How many times have I told you? You cannot bring humans here! There's too much of a risk that they find out we're Altorian!" a deep voice said, a voice that was laced with power, agitation, and darkness.

"Did you just want me to leave them there? They were after those two for a reason! They'd been stalking them for almost two weeks now! And following the rules, like you so like us to do, I didn't attack until they did!" she retorted. He moved his head to the side to see the woman from before and a tall muscular man with black hair with blonde highlights and sunglasses on. He had this strange looking tattoo on the side of his neck, it was a lightning bolt inside of what appeared to be the sun surrounded by what appeared to be rose vines. He noticed the woman had one as well, except it was on her ankle. What the? Was this like a cult or something? He coughed before he could stop himself and they both shut up and looked over at him. 

"Fine, this is the LAST TIME. If it happens again, I'll ban you from the Safehouse." he growled and stalked off. She giggled and stuck her tongue out at him as he walked away and the walked over to Paden.

"Hey, how you feeling?" she asked as she stood next to the bed he was on.

"He sat up slowly, "Where am I?" he asked. She rolled her eyes.

"Can't tell ya that, Derrick will kill me." she said. "Derrick?" he asked, confused.

"The big bad scary man you saw walk away." she said, "He's my boss."

"What the hell are you? There is no way a human could have done what you did to those four guys, and then you called them demons, and changed your clothes in front of me." he said, confusion marring his features. She sighed, great, he had seen that. 

"I have no idea what you are talking about." she said with a shrug.

The End

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