Chapter OneMature

"Remind me again why we protect mankind, boss?" Nick growled to his boss, mentor, brother, and friend, Derrick.

"Because we're sentimental bastards who don't want the bunnies to die." Mars, who was currently lounging against the door, said. Nick glared at him.

"Didn't realize you were my boss." Nick said in a smart-ass tone. Mars laughed and then gave Nick a pout, slightly taunting the ex-god. Derrick rubbed his temples as he looked at the two men before him.

"Both of you shut up before I rip your balls off." Derrick growled at them. They both  simultaneously shut up and cupped there private regions. Nick paled visibly.

"Come on, bro! I need my junk! How am I supposed to please all the ladies if I don't have it?" he whined. Derrick rolled his eyes.

"What ladies? Dude, you ain't been laid in almost 3000 years!" Mars said. Derrick scowled and sent Mars a glare that warned him if he didn't shut up, he would deliver on his threat. Mars gulped audibly and his eyes widened. 

Four Hours Later

Paden walked next to his sister, Emma, and shrugged further into his coat. The cold wind was blowing furiously around them, tunneled by the building around them, through the road. He looked down in concern at his little sister when he felt her shiver in his arms.

"You ok?" he asked, worry etching his brow. She smiled and nodded slowly. He sighed in relief. He stopped, thinking he had heard something behind them, he looked behind them, only to see nothing. He frowned in confusion, he could have swore he heard something. He shook his head and turned around and resumed walking. Then he heard it again, this time a whisper on the wind, when he turned around there were four men behind him. Their faces were covered with hoodies and they had their heads down and their hands in their pockets. He thought nothing of them, though later he recalled that he thought he knew two of them. He heard a scream and before he could turn around darkness clouded his vision.

The End

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