In the Time of LegendsMature

Those things you hear in the middle of the night, they aren't the wind or a tree bumping against your window, they are creatures who are evil and black as the night. There are only one race of people who can save us, the Altori.


In a time when myth wasn't myth. When legend wasn't legend, when the things that go bump in the night and hide in your closet were as real as the wind beating at your door, there was a race of immortals, sworn to protect all of mankind. Once humans themselves, these immortals are owned by none, and answer to only one, their leader, the baddest of them all, Derrick. They are called the Altori. Though, not all of these Altori were human once, there were some, who were never human.  They made an oath to protect humans on the day they died, they had to have been betrayed, tarnished, abused, for them to become Altori. The Altori cannot feel emotion when killing their enemy, they must be merciless, cold, ruthless. Without them, all hope is lost!

The End

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