Chapter IV

The Master and Maggie's father, Tom, sat in Master's study. They were hunched over and were talking at a very fast speed.

"So, that's why nobody can know where Maggie is?" Tom asked and almost instantly the other man, or boy, nodded.

"Yes. Nobody can know what Maggie will be when I'm done with her. They'll want her for themselves. She will be the only one of her kind in the state."

"But ya'll gonna share some of her quality with me family?" Tom knew the Master was going to share Maggie's specialness with his wife and kids. He seemed nice and after all, they owned her, not him.

"Yes, but I will . . ." The door opened, with a creak, and Master stopped talking. Maggie's head peeked in, her bouncy blonde locks bouncing as she said, "Are ya'll done already?"

"Ya, we were just finishing up." Tom pronounced and he got up and exited the building without saying anything more. He was afraid that if he did, it would make Master not like him ever again.

The End

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