Chapter III

Standing in on the porch that led up to the building, was a man. He had blonde hair and brown eyes, just like Maggie's. After seeing Master in the building, he walked a couple steps back from the boy. He was scared of everyone ever since his daughter was kidnapped from the park.

"Who are you?" The Master snapped, making Maggie's father step back again.

"I'm Tom." He said cautiously.

Maggie, after hearing the name of her father, looked over the boy's shoulder at their visitor. Her eyes widened as they met her scared father's.

"What are you doing here, Dad?" She asked.

The Master grabbed Maggie's wrist and pulled her behind him to conceal her. It was easy, Maggie was very tiny and petite. "This is your father?" He whispered and she nodded. He turned back to the strucken man.

"You're Maggie's father?"


"Then, come in. There's buisness to discuss." Master pulled Tom inside.

The End

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